Philip-Lorca DiCorcia

Philip-Lorca diCorcia is a photographer that take these honest shots of men expressing themselves in true light . The style of photography that he shoots is  honest and is some what cinematic for some images taken .One of the photos from Phillip-Lorca diCorcia that captured my attention was the image of the man sitting down on the motel hallway with his chin and hands placed against the railing of  the top floor complex. What also got my attention was the calm color contrast between the greenish- blue street lights in the back ground and the warm red/ brown  tone in the foreground of the building wall. For some reason this picture represents isolation amongst the rest of the world which i believe Dicorcia was trying to convey.

One thought on “ Philip-Lorca DiCorcia

  1. rmichals

    These photos are entirely set up and planned. I don’t know if that makes them honest or not.

    In the photo you selected the model really looks trapped. He is entwined with the railing and behind him are gray doors with no markings and no windows. the color is lovely with the neutral light on the model and the green light down the street.


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