Philip Lorca-Dicorcia

My favorite photo of Lorca-Dicorcia’s 1990 “Hustlers” collection is the one of 28-year-old Chris. First I would like to point out that compositionally you are automatically drawn to the subject because the building which vanishes towards him. There also seems to be a light shining from the direction of the photographer which is beaming against the walls. This gives you the impression that the sun might be beginning to rise. The sunrise impression is appropriate for the subject because, in the line of work that Chris is in, they are known to work through the night until morning time. As he sits on the second floor and looks down towards the ground, his face is light up from a light below which allows you to see his facial expression. His face seems to be thoughtful and gives me the impression that he might be thinking about his night, life or even lifestyle.  The body gesture of him holding on to the bars above him while his feet dangle below gives me the feeling that he is trying to hold on to something secure while he lives a pretty loose and dangerous lifestyle. The last thing I would like to mention is the building itself. I initially wanted to say that Chris is at a motel, but what I find striking is that there are no windows and the doors seem pretty industrial and heavy. These details remind me of a prison, just a door with some vents which could be a representation once again of Chris’s lifestyle.


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