Richard Avedon and Jonathan Mannion

Richard Avedon style is of course the infamous black and white photograph. He try’s to push these concepts of free human behavior in his photographs as well as fashion. Avedon, captures these weird moments of expression on his subjects they stare into the camera. Everything seems to be about the eyes and then, the motion.

Jonathan Mannion  was inspired by  style to Avedon by  contrast with black and white . his style of using  natural background. Mannion has adopted the ways from most of Avedon’s work; which he then uses the idea of how an influence can make one mimic someones work. In the portrait of JayZ, he borrowed Avedon’s black  background and most likely one more addition  I would love to try out both techniques high and low key lighting to see which one has a better outcome.

One thought on “Richard Avedon and Jonathan Mannion

  1. rmichals

    I think of Avedon’s work as a whole as a catalog of humans. I don’t think he was that interested in individual expression but he did capture the full range of humanity, one person at a time.

    I am not sure what you mean by a natural background. An all white background just means that it is lit separately though this is far from natural.


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