Old and the new

Yousef Karsh, was a Canadian photographer best known for his portraits of famous individuals. He has been described as one of the greatest portrait photographers of the 20th century. Karsh lived in Ottawa and opened his first studio in 1932 named Karsh of Ottawa. During his time there his taste in how he envision his composition of these models are dramatized and sets the scene for his models. One photograph that immediately caught my attention is the one he took of Betty Low, 1936 the reason why is because it’s black and white and i’m a huge fan of it. The second, reason why it caught my attention is because of how here face is composed in the most simple way, just by looking at it you’ll see that her eyes are wondering off into the distance which give us the viewer the curiosity of what she’s looking at. Karsh, has a way of telling a story in his photos in such a cinematic style and I want to emulate how the cloth around her head carries the eyes down onto the subject neck. Form follows function.

Nadav Kandar, was born in Israel on December 1st 1961. When he was 13 Kandar, started taking pictures on a Pentax camera that he had bought with own money from his Bar Mitzvah. He, began to look deeply at the work of Strand, Stieglitz, Weston and Atget, all of which the feeling that each artist was exploring their respective lives. So being that him and his family came along way to start a new path with photography the influences that he gained rubbed off on him and made him form his own style today. As I was looking through his work I stumbled across two of his work that made me feel excited to emulated I couldn’t pick one of his work so maybe ill try to combine it somehow. The first photo that  Kandar, produced was named Sadiq Khan, 2017 even though this picture is recent it still gives you that nostalgic black and white movie feel to it and he invoked it really well. What I admire what he did was bring attention just only on the subjects eyes. the light source is coming the right of the picture. The movie theme photo might be a theme for me. The second piece was the double expose photo of Eddie redmayne and nature  taken in 2016. The reason why it draws my attention is because it has the mysterious emotion going on with the mixture of blue and green, but now that i think about it I realized that the double exposer photo isn’t what it seems. It’s a photo project on the subject face to make it seem like it.

One thought on “Old and the new

  1. rmichals

    The Betty Low photo is lovely and a wonderful example of three point lighting. And as you point out, Karsh implies that something is happening outside the frame with her gaze off to the side.

    As to the Khan photo, Kandar throws shadows on his face to create a metaphor of difficulty that Khan faces. it is a really interesting approach.


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