Topic 2, The Lower Manhattan Revival

  1. The old Lower Manhattan and the old World Trade Center once was a quiet neighborhood filled with working class people working 9-5. It was considered a “parents” or “grandparents” Lower Manhattan. But now, Lower Manhattan and the World Trade Center is described as having diverse tenants and being a “24 hour, seven-day a week” type of neighborhood now. By rebuilding the World Trade Center, it attracted many different people to move around the area; and now it is probably one of the most attractive parts of Manhattan. It will take New Yorkers some getting used to; people have different opinions about the rebuilding of the World Trade Center. In the article it states that they had to bring commerce back into the city and they had to show their strength but also they will have failed if people forget why they have rebuild it in the first place.
  2. The images in the article are just showing the World Trade Center and the Manhattan skyline. The article is talking about people having different opinions about the rebuilding, why they are rebuilding, and the difference from before and now. The images should be before and after photos, images of people living there, the fire fighters father they spoke about, etc.
  3. In my opinion, before and after photos of how the streets used to be quiet and empty compared to now, when it is more lively “24 hour” neighborhood. The article also described the memories that happened on 9/11, maybe that could’ve been shown as well. I felt like the article tried to connect emotionally to 9/11 but were not successful through the images.

Results:  With my images i tried to emotionally connect people and ground zero. There are also many pictures i did take of people on the street, trying to focus on the diversity of the neighborhood. Also, what represents ground zero; american flag, flowers, people, etc.


One thought on “Topic 2, The Lower Manhattan Revival

  1. rmichals

    I think the main point of the article was how much more residential Lower Manhattan has become since 9/11. Not a predictable outcome.

    There is a disconnect between what you wrote about your results and the pictures I see on Flickr. Both of your type treatments feature architecture though what you wrote talks about people and diversity.

    The photo of the inside of the Oculus is more successful as an opener than the image of the Freedom Tower. I think it would work even better if you cropped the image to be symmetrical and then used the type as you have it to offset the symmetry.


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