What is the Point of College?

Some ideas to execute Utility U. vs Utopia U would be the whole environment that is expressed, by including color and lighting that will help create an appropriate representation.

In my opinion, Utility involves the investment of Education. Without that structure and that usefulness you won’t be able to pursue what it is you need to pursue. My vision for this would be an environment that is dull of color, clean, and very office-spaced. Demonstrating that there is not much color in this vision, but just planned and non-creative atmosphere. The model to me is focused, not paying attention to anything but showing that pressure of what they have to achieve. The model will be probably standing, up right (sort of like a robot) completing daily tasks. The model might be set in a dull area, nothing really happening, nothing in the photograph can grab your attention but the idea of using education as an object, but not as a passion.

While, Utopia U is stands for freedom. The ability to experiment and be educated in a non-pressured location, where you will feel safe to be open-minded and not constricted on your ideas. For me, Utopia U is more spiritual because not only do you grow in your field, but you grow as a person. I would do photographs, that show the person enjoying their time learning about what they want to learn. Where they feel respected and in a comfortable environment. It looks colorful. The model might be enjoying their time, having fun while learning. Making mistakes in a fun vibrant environment. In result, these images turned out effectively and demonstrated the differences between these two Universities.

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