What is the Point of College

What is the Point of College? Is it a place where you come to learn such things as Utility U or Utopia U? As I read through the article I got a vision of a young, educated professor trying to distinguish between Utility U and Utopia U by portraying two visions. A vision that is more structure representing Utility U and one that  can’t really exist representing Utopia U.

Idea for Environmental Images:

  1. Someone standing transfixed at an billboard. (Utility U)
  2. Someone standing on in a room surrounded multiple open books.


Results (How it worked out): My partner and I captured some images but after some revision realized that we hadn’t really nail the concept as we should. The images were great but the message was somewhat distorted. Thus, we ended up with a small selection that really speak to what Utility U and Utopia U is really about.

One thought on “What is the Point of College

  1. rmichals

    If you realized on the first assignment the difference between an interesting image and one that conveys your message, you got a lot out of it. It is not so difficult to make a photo visually engaging. it is much harder to get it to say exactly what you want it to say.


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