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Final Project Brief

Summary: The article speaks about the intense abuse and cruel treatment of animals, mainly dogs and cats on the fur farms in China who is the largest exporter of fur garments to the United States. The article goes on to say foxes, minks, rabbits, dogs, cats, and other animals pace and shiver in outdoor wire cages, with no shelter from driving rain, freezing nights, or the scorching sun. The article speaks about the after leaving in such deplorable conditions the animals are skinned and their fur is used to make various products.

  1. The article is overall very informative. The mood is serious and evokes a sense of compassion for the treatment of the animals.
  1. My audience is people that wear fur garments as well as people who do not.
  1. My approach will be metaphorical than literal.
  1. I believe that I may use models as well as still life to bring out my ideas.
  1. I’m thinking of using female models.
  1. I will also use stuff animal of a dog and cat, jacket and boots.
  1. I will try bright light with 2:1 ratio and also a very dark mood with a 4:1 light ratio and maybe strobe light as well.
  1. High contrast. I want to the focus to be mainly on the objects and not the model.

Results: For shoot one I believe that I was able to show the meaning of the topic in some ways. Interesting enough it’s very hard to capture a specific sympathetic mood using stuff animals yet I was able to use additional props to somewhat show case the idea. Also, I used various lighting to bring out a somewhat dramatic feel.

Human Trafficking

Summary: In the article Human Trafficking In Our Own Backyard, Mullaly  gives the description of those who are victim of human especially sex trafficking – slim and obese, tall and short, strikingly beautiful and very plain, black, Asia, and white – literally the girl next door. An estimated 300,000 women, children and even men are trafficked for sexual purposes, not in Africa, Southeast Asia or the Middle East but right here in our own backyard. Prostitution is a lucrative business and earns more than drug dealing. This business consists of residents that have been on the streets since 14 and have been abused sexually. A pimp oversee the dealings of the victims.

Communication Problem: To show the impact of human trafficking on individuals

Image Ideas: dark images that show someone tie up with a sadden countenance.

She Being Brand/Coming Home Detroit

She Being Brand: The author uses the metaphor of sensuality and a woman to describe the way he feels as he drives his car for the first time through the street of Boston. The poem has a sense of excitement, passion and although it is the first drive there is a sense of satisfaction when the ride comes to an end.

Coming Home Detroit: This poem is very different than “she being brand” here we see the author incite less excitement and passion, also the scene unfold through dirty street.

Communication Problem: To capture and show sensuality and a sense of satisfaction through the images of a toy car and different levels of lighting.

Image ideas: I want to create the right mood, to capture images that give out a romantic feel. Images that have soft lighting with a hint of shadow.

Results: The Shoot went well. I believe the mood was captured to communicate the message of both poems. Various lighting levels were used with the integration of photo filters that created the desired effect.

Topic six: The botany of Desire by Michael Pollan


Summary: The evolution of potato has gone through a revolutionary change from an organic process where farmers use seeds, large quantities of fertilizers, pesticides, machinery and fuel to produce potatoes to the modern method of genetically engineer potato. The organic way is refer as “inputs” and is said to saddle the farmer with debt, jeopardizes his health, erodes his soil and ruins its fertility, pollutes the ground water and compromises the safety of the food we eat. The article states that this argument has always been from environmentalist or organic farmers. But, more recently this same argument has come from government officials and the agribusiness companies that sold farmers on all those expensive “inputs” in the first place. So, what would rescue the American food chain states the article- a new kind of plant of which genetically engineering will be at the fore- front. The article went on to say that genetically engineer food will replace expensive and toxic chemicals and the produce will be able to protect themselves from insects and disease without the help of pesticides. For example the bacterium Bacillius thuringiensis found in soil will give the potato plant cells information they need to manufacture a toxin lethal to the Colorado potato beetle. It is interesting to note that the article makes it very clear that this new technological way of engineering food is the property of one man.

Communication Problem: Should man tamper with the way in which food is grown? And is it right for the genetically engineer way of producing food be monopolized by one person?

Image Ideas: Potato shoot with warm light close up with a needle or potato peeler to show tampering.

Result: I am very happy with the outcome of the shoot and believe that what I had in mind was capture. Five station was set up, with various levels of lighting and filters that allow light to bounce of the potato from different angles. We were able different props and shoot at close up range.


Description of the brand: Bose is one of the leading brands of audio products. Established in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose, the company is best know for it’s home audio system and speakers, noise canceling headphones, professional audio systems, and automobile system which is sell throughout the world. This multi-billion company target a audience that listen to headphones ages 25 to 50 that spend approximately $100 for regular headphones to $400 for more high end ones. The wireless headphone will be used for this project to advertise this brand with the tagline “Wireless Music Deserves Bose”.

PSC Hearing Loss: “Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow. Turn down your music before you can’t hear it anymore.” According to the Hearing Loss Association of America. Loss of hearing can be caused by many different things, and can be treated using medicine or surgery depending on the progress of the disease. Generally loss of hearing is placed into three categories, Conductive hearing loss, due to problems with the ear canal, ear drum, or middle ear and its little bones. Sensorineural hearing loss, when hearing loss is due to problems of the inner ear, and Mixed hearing loss, a combination of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. According to more than 28 million people are affected by some type of hearing disorder. Of which listening to exceptionally loud music contribute in some way. This disease affects children as well as adults age 18 and over.

Communication: Bose shows what the enjoyable listening experience can be when one use the wireless headphones. The headphones have a sleek, clean design with no hanging wire, which means less trouble carrying and storing. On the other hand PSC shows the effect of listening to loud music- hearing loss. Thus, it is my intention to show forth both in the images captured.

Image ideas: A generous measure of light will be used when capturing the image for the Bose Ad. The model will be wearing wireless headphones and will show forth a smiling happy countenance, that generates a positive effect of the pleasure of listening to music with Bose wireless headphones. The image for the PSC Ad will be less lighted with the model showcasing a less happy countenance- thus generating a negative yet cautious feeling towards listening to loud music that may lead to hearing loss.

Topic 3: Health Care For All

After looking at various health care websites such as Fidelis Care and Aetna to name a few, I realized the Portrait photograph style was used. Images that is family related were used to showcase health care. Portraits of father and son, mother and daughter, husband and wife all with smiling faces, vibrant with life, happiness and contentment reflected on their face. Another aspect of the photographs used is the lighting factor that was used from different angles to achieve the desire effect to communicate a specific message that one should join that health group. The faces and body of the subjects were flood with light that allowed them to stand out. Allowing the on looker to really pay close attention to the image.

Communication Problem: Every image sends a message, thus I believe the image that is used to promote the Health Care For All company is one that shows vibrant, active life, happiness, contentment, and a brilliant smile.

Image Ideas: Portrait of a healthy, smiling, and overall happy person that reflects a life that is pleasant and enjoyable. Props can be used. I may or may not.

Results: I’m happy with the images. And I believe that my group was able to communicate the intended message. We played with various lighting technique such as Rembrant and Butterfly and was able to generate the effect needed to capture lots of amazing portraits.

Topic 2 – The Lower Manhattan Revival

Summary: At 1,776 Ft. One world Trade Center stands as the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. Erect as a memorial to a horrid tragedy it graced the Lower Manhattan skyline as a representation of the fallen Twin Towers. Never-the-less this stately building also serve as a  tourist attraction, foster business ventures and adds to the rebirth of vibrant life in Lower Manhattan. Even though there were disagreements over the venture of rebuilding, the grieving families were able to reach an ideal agreement with developers to rebuild. Thus, a place that should have been seen only as a mourning ground was transformed into a memorial monument that speaks volume of the true American spirit-we are resilient, we shall rise again.

Communication Problem: The image should capture and show the diversity yet harmony of the area (business, culture, ethnicity). It should also capture the memorial symbol thereby emphasizing the emotional aspect of an area under continually healing. The vibrant life that emerged as a result of revival and rebirth should be showcase as well.

Image Ideas: Lively and energetic composition of Infrastructure and overall area, shot at different angles. Urban aspect of neighborhood life. Essential shots of One World Trade Center Monument.

Results: The photo shoot in my estimation was a success. I was able to capture images that show the building/revival of the area. Although the shoot took place around the anniversary of that great tragedy, the revival spirit could be seen in the various form of life and livelihood that makes up that area.




What is the Point of College

What is the Point of College? Is it a place where you come to learn such things as Utility U or Utopia U? As I read through the article I got a vision of a young, educated professor trying to distinguish between Utility U and Utopia U by portraying two visions. A vision that is more structure representing Utility U and one that  can’t really exist representing Utopia U.

Idea for Environmental Images:

  1. Someone standing transfixed at an billboard. (Utility U)
  2. Someone standing on in a room surrounded multiple open books.


Results (How it worked out): My partner and I captured some images but after some revision realized that we hadn’t really nail the concept as we should. The images were great but the message was somewhat distorted. Thus, we ended up with a small selection that really speak to what Utility U and Utopia U is really about.