What is the Point of College?

What is the Point of College?, is comparing a Utopia University with a Utility University. In a Utopia University you are able to feel comfortable, free, and have the feeling that you won’t be judged. Utility University is the opposite; there is structure, and you will be judged in what you do. But, in the article it explains that it is a mixture of both Utopia and Utility on any campus. There of course there is one more dominant, usually utility.

For my Utopia environmental portrait, i will be focusing on someone smiling, feeling free in the environment they are in, maybe even thinking about what their next move might be. For my Utility environmental portrait, i will be focusing on someone working in their notebook, trying to meet their desires which is passing class. Or even sleepy or stressed out.


How did it work out? / Post results?

My partner and I focused more on taking photos of other people other than ourselves. For the Utopia images, my idea did work out. We captured people feeling happy, smiling, in a good mood, leaving school and even in the school setting. For the Utility U, we captured people that weren’t so happy, maybe even reading or feeling stressed out. Overall I feel like my ideas came through and worked out for my partner and I.

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  1. rmichals

    I really appreciate that you entered some results. And I agree that your images in both cases hinge on the expressions of the people in the photographs. Next time, try to also consider and write about the other aspects of photographic style that you are using. One image for instance is cropped much more tightly. The Utopia image feels spacious. It is also brighter. The Utility Image is a bit claustrophobic and basically centered, making it less dynamic than the Utopia image. These things add to the mood of each.


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