In the poem “SHE BEING BRAND” BY E.E Cummings E.E is referring to the car in a very sexual dame nor. he is having fun almost being playful and metaphoric like when he says (having throughly oiled the universal  joint tested my gas felt of he radiator made sure her springs were 0.k) almost reminded me of when men name there cars and refer to them as the woman . i thing he was almost trying to seduce us to by the car almost making it seem like having the car will bring sexual desire. In the “COMING HOME DTROIT 1969″by Phillip Levine painted a picture of almost global warming and how maybe the gas is polluting the air  like when he says ( the charred faces ,the eyes boarded up ,the rubble of innards, the cry of wet smoke hanging in your throat. he paints a gloomy winter Tuesday afternoon with fire in the air stuck in traffic almots like having to beat the concreate everyday.

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