After reading both poems about a guy riding a car we can tell the difference in tones and how they used metaphors to communicate us a message about what is going on. In the poem by e.e¬†Cummings,¬†its all about¬†excitement¬†, thrill¬†and being happy. The emotion he is having with this woman in the car and being the fact that it is her first time. We can tell this poem is very sexual because in the poem we see metaphors such as “Slipped the clutch” meaning that there is something going on in the car and boy is he happy about it and very aroused. This poem has very positive and good thoughts going in this scene. However the poem by Phillip Levine, the tone of this poem is quite opposite. Very harsh, cold, dark and just a¬†devastated¬†tone and feel to it. In his¬†poem the guy is going to work in his car and thinking how life is and why it is the way it is. An example from the poem that shows this, is “Near the freeway you stop and wonder what came off, recall the snowstorm where you lost it all”. You have a feeling of something¬†unpleasant. We can¬†picture it in our minds that he¬†isn’t¬†happy or¬†excited¬†but the opposite¬†of¬†it. The difference in these poems, is that one shows happiness and having a great time with a partner, while the other is very cold and dark where the feeling is down and this guy is thinking about why his life has to be the way it is.¬†Although¬†they both using a car we can¬†easily¬†see¬†the¬†difference between them, and the way the poem is written.

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