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Class 24

Class Info

  • Class Date: Thurs. Nov. 19
  • Class Time: 8:30AM-10:00AM


  • Intro to project 3
  • Visual Hierarchy: Giving levels of importance to the difference elements that are part of a design.
  • Examine this PDF with Visual Hierarchy Progression. Every page uses the exact same text, but the hierarchy changes once we start applying different principles (For example a basic change in type size can make a difference in the way the viewer looks at the design)


  • Learn about visual hierarchy and how these design principles can improve or change the way we see and read.
    • space
    • type size
    • spacial zones
    • color/reverse
    • alignment
    • added elements (lines)
    • variations in type (bold)
    • dynamic compositions (diagonals)
    • others


  • Sketch> When sketching consider the following:
    • Use type only 
    • TWO typefaces max. (but with extensive families ok)
    • Black and White
    • Follow the grid
    • Emphasize your visual hierarchy
      • Emphasize contrast with scale (something must be BIG, something must be small)
    • Must consider and apply what was previously covered in class: Type selection and variations, alignment, word and letter spacing, line height, expression, etc.
  • Look at sample below
    • Content:
      • The words: Pet Peeve
      • Definition of the word Peeve
      • Title of your Pet Peeve (different for everybody)
      • Your personal text: One to Three sentences explaining your pet peeve
This example shows sketching on the actual grid. Might be helpful to keep proportion and to think of exact grid placement of elements

To-Do After Class

  • PART 1
  • Complete sketches started during class – upload hierarchy sketches to media library as jpegs
  • Sketch. Here is a PDF with the printed grid. It will help you to determine where and how to place content. As well as to start thinking about typographical style.
  • See Example
  • PART 2
  • Refine you Grid layout upload jpg with visible grids and guides showing