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Class 23

Class Info

  • Class Date: Tues. Nov. 17
  • Class Time: 8:30AM-10:00AM


Project 3

  • The typographical grid.
    • A grid is a system of vertical and horizontal guides used for the organization of a layout. Grids are used in graphic and web design.
  • Quick Reference PDF: The Grid

The Typographical Grid Resources

Google Drive Grid


  • Understanding the parts of grid:
    • Margins
    • Columns and rows
    • gutters (vertical and horizontal)
    • modules and spacial zones
  • Students develop understanding of organization in design


To-Do After Class

The Posters:

  • The Typographical Grid poster 1 initial layout with your text
    • 11×17
    • utilizing the grid

Posters must be 11×17 and include the following text:

• Pet Peeve

• Merriam-Webster.com definition- a pet peeve as a frequent subject of complaint

• Title of your Pet Peeve •

Your paragraph explaining your pet peeve