Type Talk Discussion Activities

Faculty: This example post provides listing of possible Type Talk discussion activities . It uses the category “Type Talk Discussion Activities” and can be found under Discussions > Type Talk Discussion Activities in the site menu. Use the suggested discussions below to structure your course content.


A place where we talk about type

Discussion, comments, critiques, opinions on type Throughout  the semester  typographic works  related to projects and assignments will be posted. Students will comment in live synchronous class discussions to try and identify or answer questions related to posted content. Can also be assigned as homework assignments. This is part of class participation grade.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will reinforce the typographic principles of the course through observation and critiques  of current work examples in typographic industry.
  • Students will develop a sense of current typography trends and be able to discus them with relevant terminology

Due Date(s)

  • Due during class sessions or by  class meeting time as indicated.

Type Talk Blank Template

Type Talk Activity – Found Alphabet
Type Talk Activity – Blue Tooth logo
Type Talk Activity – Poetry logos – Pentagram
Type Talk – Zara Logo
Type Talk Activity – Find Page Margin Examples
Type Talk Activity – Fenda Edições Cover Layout
Type Talk Activity Pinterest – Type on Path
Type Talk Activity – Art of Design Paula Scher
Type Talk Activity – Depero Futurista Pages
Type Talk Activity – Dimensional Letters
Type Talk Activity – Rocco Piscatello Posters
Type Talk Activity – FELIX PFÄFFLI Posters
Type Talk Activity – Type Talk Anja Kaiser
Type Talk Activity – Typeroom.eu

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