Type Hero Activity Activity Guide


  • A post to the OpenLab name Lastnamefirstname_Type Hero.
  • Insert your document  (PDF) or link to your presentation into your post
  • Give it categories “Student Post Type Hero” “Type Hero”

Presentation of Designers

Over the course of the semester each of you will be asked to create a 5 minute presentation on one of the assigned designers listed below.
Presentations should be visual and of the designer’s work.
You should show 8 to 10 selections of the designer’s most noted work.

  • You must  provide a 2-3 paragraph summary of the designer’s background, career highlights, and most noteworthy work.
    Keep a careful record of all the sources you use for this
    presentation, include bibliography of references
  • You will be required present your work in a class session. You can create a PowerPoint presentation, you can use websites, collect a series of images in a folder and present their work from the folder.
  • Whichever way you decide to show their work, your presentation should be organized and demonstrate thorough research on your part, and you should be able to talk about the pieces you show

  • Week 5
    Johann Gutenberg
    Nicolas Jenson
  • Week 6
    Aldus Manutius
    Cipe Pineles
  • Week 7
    Louise Fili
    Giambattista Bodoni
  • Week 8
    Zuzana Licko
    Fortunato Depero
  • Week 9
    Paula Scher
    Jan Tschichold
  • Week 10
    Massimo Vignelli 
    Gail Anderson
  • Week 11
    Susan Kare
    John Baskerville
  • Week 12
    Carol Twombly
    Saul Bass
  • Week 13
    Rosmarie Tissi
    Adrian Frutiger

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