Type Challenge – Expressive Type


Type Challenges are design assignments and discussions


Typographic Dante
by Barrie Tullett

  • Use the word   “cry”
  • Use  Futura Bold
  • Use one of these “concepts”/layouts as basis for your layout and render the meaning of the word cry”
  • Black and white, gray is tint you can use
  • 4″x4″ inch
  • Make a screengrab/download image
  • Upload jpg file  to OpenLab spend 30 minutes. Work to get sense of these layout styles. You will not have enough time to get refined layout
  • You goals is to try and get sense of layout.
  • Create a new post named “Last Name_First_Name_ TC_ET
  • Give it categories “Student Post Type Challenge” Type Challenge – Expressive Typography”
  • Save your work as a jpgs named: “Last Name_First_Name_ TC_ET.jpg”.
  • Insert jpg INTO your post.
  • Comment on at least one other students work.  Try to give your assessment in terms of what is working or not clear. “loving or “liking” or “being blown away” by work is OK but not helpful. What and why the work is successful and what is not working is key in refining and improving work.
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