Motion graphic guest designer interview

Watch the interview of our guest Michael Wiehart, director of Visual Comforts. You will hear how Michael has built his softwares knowledge and developed a career as director and motion graphic designer. During the interview, Michael will show examples of his work and explain their process. You can visit his company website, Visual Comforts, to see more examples.

Michael is happy answer to any of your questions. Add comments and questions below. This will be graded on your participation.


  1. Bonnie yang

    I find the interview fascinating, I learned a lot. I like how during the interview Micheal Wiehart goes through the steps he takes when he conducts the final 3-d motion video about cancer. He begin with a storyboard which is exactly what we did in our video project. It was also helpful to know which software he uses to create it. It was interesting to see the combination of film and animation together. I really like the music video where the robot danced I find it creative and pretty cool. It was really amazing to see a concept come to life. I’m just wondering where to begin if I want to begin doing 3-d motion I remember there were multiple software used. Which one should I learn first?

  2. Darren Le

    Inspired by the examples of his work mentioned by designer Michael Wiehart and explaining his process, I think it is very important to have a sketch and storyboard before working on the actual project. If I have a chance to ask him where he is finding his inspirations. Thank you!!

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