Each projects will be graded 2 times.

The first is for your first draft and the second for the final.

  • GRADE 1: I will be paying attention to your initial ideas and researches. I will give you feedback and expect to see changes for the next step.
  • GRADE 2: I will look for the way you have integrated my comments and what you have learnt during the process. You have the possibility to adjust and adapt your projects during the entire semester. I hope to see your work change, evolve and by the end of the semester, look amazing on your ePortfolio.

I will be grading your projects with this in mind:

Video Project Grading

  • Originality of your subject  > 10 points
    The style of your portrait should be original and creative.
  • Concept and Narrative > 20 points
    Your film should captivate the attention and tell a story.
  • Typography > 20 points
    The title and end credits should look stylish. 
  • Editing > 20 points
    The editing should reflect the quality of your story telling with a combination of camera movements, cuts, and sounds.
  • Creative Use of Technology > 20 points
    Be inventive, smart and show an innovative use of filming, graphics and sounds. I hope to be surprised.
  • Punctuality > 10 points
    Respect the deadline. If you have issues with it don’t hesitate to talk to me.

TOTAL > 100 points

Design Research Paper Grading

  • Originality of your choice  > 10 points
    Your choice should be original and have interesting elements.
  • Writing > 20 points
    Your writing should be clear and with perfect spelling.
  • Critical Thinking > 20 points
    Your thoughts and reflexions about what what you have learnt should be informative, personal and original. What did you find interesting? What did you discover? What surprised you?
  • Research > 20 points
    Be inventive and smart with your research and find your personal angle.
  • The presentation and design > 20 points
    This is a very important part. Not only your content has to be interesting and clear, but the presentation of your paper has to look amazing. When your paper is well put together with distinct paragraphs, illustrations that reinforce the topics, it shows that you possess a good knowledge on the subject.
  • Punctuality > 10 points
    Respect the deadline. If you have issues with it just talk to me.

TOTAL > 100 points

The Postcard Grading

  • Originality of your quote choice  > 10 points
    The quotes should inspire ideas that can be easily interpreted in a visual.
  • Concepts > 20 points
    Your concepts should be clear and reflect the quote well.
  • Typography > 20 points
    The typography choice should reflect the spirit of the quote and show control. 
  • Creativity > 20 points
    Be inventive, smart and come up with many ideas. I hope to be surprised.
  • Design > 20 points
    The quality of the design with the combination of typography, illustration, photograph, composition, colors should be original and powerful.
  • Punctuality > 10 points
    Respect the deadline. If you have issues with it don’t hesitate to talk to me.

TOTAL > 100 points

Your ePortfolio Grading

  • Response to the Project > 20 points
    Your ePortfolio website should follow all the directions given during the semester, have all the projects completed and hopefully have added extra material. 
  • The presentation and attractiveness > 20 points
    The pages should look graphically mastered using colors, font variations and images. Your content should be interesting and easy to read. If you understood the subjects we worked on during the semester the ePortfolio should come together easily and nicely. 
  • Creative Use of Technology > 10 points
    Your work should show an innovative use of visual, images, illustrations, graphics, text organization, sounds, hyperlinks, softwares and research resources. Surprise me!
  • Writing and Grammar > 20 points
    Your writing should be clear and with perfect spelling. 
  • Personal Reflection and Critical Thinking  > 20 points
    Your thoughts and reflexions about what what you have learnt should be informative, personal and original. Be inventive and smart and find your personal angle. 
  • Punctuality > 10 points
    Respect of the deadline. If you have issues with your assignment don’t hesitate talk to me. I am here to help. If you succeed, we all succeed, and if you fell, we all fell together.

TOTAL > 100 points

How Do I Grade Your Work

  • 100 points EXEPTIONAL
  • 75 points EFFECTIVE
  •  60 points ACCEPTABLE
  • 50 points UNSATISFACTORY

Grades Distribution

  • 20% Video Project
  • 20% Design Project 
  • 20% Research Paper 
  • 20% OpenLab ePortfolio
  • 10% Quizzes
  • 10% Punctuality and participation


Each week, we will have an ongoing discussion topic. Sometimes it will be sparked off by a reading, sometimes you’ll be asked to do some research and post examples that demonstrate your opinions. Always, you’ll be asked to participate in the discussion with clarity and thoughtfulness.

You will have one full week (Date and Time– Date and Time) to share your thoughts. This will be counted towards your Participation Grade.

Guidelines for participation:

  • DO READ the whole thread.
  • Comment on the question after checking out any materials provided.
  • Don’t repeat other students.
  • Do reply to other students and build on their ideas.

Good Participation is to comment at least 2x per discussion. Once at the beginning and once at the end, after reading the thread so your comments are relevant.

A Few Things To Follow

  • DEADLINES: Please respect them. Delayed handed work will affect the time I spend on it and if necessary, the time that we can work together to make sure it is really good. Therefor late homework will affect your grade.
  • HANDING CONVENTION: Homework will ultimately be uploaded to your OpenLab portfolio. The work in progress can be emailed to me.
  • NAMING CONVENTION: title all your files with your first and last name. I need to see to whom the file belongs to without opening it. Write something like your first and last name + project name.
    Example: valeriatrucchia-searchpaper
  • BACKUPS: Be sure to backup all your work on a drive or a cloud such as Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • GRADE COMMUNICATION: Grades will be communicated on the OpenLab. You can find them on the sidebar on the right. You should check them regularly. This semester, per the college’s academic calendar, midterm grades must be posted by October 29th. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about them.
  • FEEDBACK: every time I receive your work at all stages, I will give you a personal feedback by email. At the more final stage of your visual work I will create slideshows with all the stages and do a group comment for everyone to watch. We all learn from each other.
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