Create 2 promotional posters for print and 2 headers for online. One version with just typography and one with a photo or illustration. Choose a title of your choice, for example from one of your projects, either your video or your artist paper with the credit, (By “your name”).

  1. by Sunday November 7th, 1pm, send your proposals in a form of hand drawings or digital sketches. I want to see many, minimum 5.
  2. by Sunday November 14th, 1pm, send your 3 favorite variations for each version, type and with visuals. See post for baby steps.
  3. by Sunday November 21nd, 1pm, send your final design for the 2 different formats.
  4. Final Deadline on your ePortfolio, Tuesday December 14th


  • 11X17″ vertical poster with title and credit, using only typography.
  • 11X17″ vertical poster with title, credit and a visual, using a photograph or an illustration or a collage of many visuals.
  • 1280 × 416 pixels horizontal header with title and credit only similar to the poster.
  • 1280 x 415 pixels horizontal header with title, credit and a visual similar to the poster.


  • Choose which subject you are going to pick, video or portrait.
  • Reflect on ideas of image, typography, colors.
  • Write down a pitch about the ideas you want to develop, the story you want to tell. Talk about the reactions you hope for your design to have. For example: smile, laugh, be moved or shocked? Describe how you decided to compose your formats, why you chose that image, the cropping, the colors, the choice of the fonts, the size of the text.
  • Create a mood board on Pinterest. Gather images, ideas, typography and designs that you like, and will be an inspiration for the look of your posters.
  • Draw some sketches with your first ideas. The more you have fun with it the more you’ll be able to come up with different concepts.
  • Place the text with intention and originality, make it look good. Choose the colors, size, boldness, composition of the words in the poster. Make it easy to read and strong.
  • See these drawings below for inspiration.
Artist Lisa Congdon illustrations of quotes. For more check out her Instagram account.

Poster Specs

Specs means specifications, it’s a word used in production for all the technical instructions, such as the size, if the postcard is printed front and back, if it is color or B&W.

  • PRINT SIZE: 11” X 17”
  • Add a bleed if you place any graphic elements or pictures covering all the way to the edge. The postcard size with the bleed is 11.125 X 17.125.
  • FILE TYPES: InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator saved as PDF high-quality.

A Few Things To Follow

  • DEADLINES: Please respect them. Delayed handed work will affect the time I spend on it and if necessary, the time that we can work together to make sure it is really good. Therefor late homework will affect your grade.
  • HANDING CONVENTION: Homework will ultimately be uploaded to your OpenLab portfolio. The work in progress can be emailed to me.
  • NAMING CONVENTION: title all your files with your first and last name. I need to see to whom the file belongs to without opening it. Write something like your first and last name + project name.
    Example: valeriatrucchia-searchpaper
  • BACKUPS: Be sure to backup all your work on a drive or a cloud such as Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • GRADE COMMUNICATION: Grades will be communicated on the OpenLab. You can find them on the sidebar on the right. You should check them regularly. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about them.
  • FEEDBACK: every time I receive your work at all stages, I will give you a personal feedback by email. At the more final stage of your visual work I will create slideshows with all the stages and do a group comment for everyone to watch. We all learn from each other.