• Sketch book (9x12in)

• Pad of Bristol board – 9”x12”  2-ply smooth or extra smooth surface for ink.

• Minimum of 6 Bristol Boards – 14”x17” smooth or extra smooth surfice.

Supplies for submitting your work:

• Roll of tracing paper (18in wide).

General Supplies:

• Portfolio to transport your work (larger than 14″x17″).

• 1 Roll drafting or removable tape.

• 1 Double sided tape.

• Small craft scissors (pointed end).

• 1 Cutting mat (not smaller than 14“x17”).

• Xacto knife and extra blades.

• Metal ruler or triangle with numbers.

• Double Tack (Mounting Film – Double sided adhesive film)

• Old magazines and/or Catalogs.

• Color wheel (small or large) from The Color Wheel Company.

Drawing Supplies:

• Graphite pencils 6B, 2B, HB, 2H, 4H

• Pencil sharpener (basic metal).

• Eraser (White vinyl, Staedtler Mars or similar).

• Inking pens (.02, .05, .08 and brush – Pigma Micron).

• Faber-Castell Pitt Big Brush Pen.

Digital Supplies:

• A free Dropbox, Google Drive account or a USB flash drive to store/backup/transport work.

• Digital camera or phone with camera and cable.

NOTE: No need to buy all together.