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Erick Selfie_Mood

The emotion of surprise can generate different facial expressions, but some are common to almost all people.
For example, in my case when I’ve been surprised I always open my eyes as much as I can as well as my mouth, and I always bring my hands to my cheeks, and a shiver that makes my skin goosebumps completely.
I also feel like an explosion of energy or waves that go from the center of my body outwards that puts all my senses on alert.

Samridha Lamichhane: Project 3 – Selfie & Mood

Post selfie, your name, mood chosen and description of the facial movement and feelings of that chosen emotion.

Black and white
100 on both contrast and brightness
– 50 on brightness and 100 on shadows
-50 on brightness and contrast and 50 on shadows

The mood chosen for the project will be “Anger.”

For a description of the facial movement:

Eyebrows are lowered and closed to each other, with wrinkles (a line going straight down) between your eyebrows, also the mouth will be open as when someone is angry, they could be yelling. The hair, ear, and lips will all come off as if your head is exploding with rage.