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This is my first sketch, as you can see, the main idea is to show with exaggeration the effects of surprise on the face using different tones of black and different sized for some parts like the eyes and the lips.
Second attempt after having in mind a rough pencil sketch. Here, my intention was to keep the design cleaner, and think i achieved the communication of the emotion. However, i can say that i was not able to get any motion here.
For this sketch, i started to give the design more motion with my face in a way of waves going from inside to outside, and exaggerating things a little more, eyes more opened, same as the mouth.

Project 3: Selfiemotion Step 2: Sketches

Samridha Lamichhane: Project 3 – Define mood area/Collage Sketches

The vocal point was the eyebrows as they are in there centered and it’s very dark and extensive, there are wrinkles all over the nose area, and the cut-out (of different shades) it makes the face looks very serious
The eyebrows and mouth are very dark compared to the face, I also made the hair fly out in the air where I’m trying to show that the hair exploded out in the air, also the smoke came out from the top and side of the head to show that it’s angry just like in some cartoons.
The ears and the hair is coming off and so is the eye and they are all over the place going in a different direction and the mouth is open as if the person is screaming, and the eyebrows are still dark and thick