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Sidy Project 1 discover

Ocean(Ambiguous)- This is the ocean in the beautiful coast of Senegal . the ambiguity in this image is the texture change in the image. although its the ocean some people may perceive it as a rocky terrain or sand
tree bark(Ambiguous) – This tree bark is ambiguous because of the uncertainty of what it is. if you look hard enough though you could tell that is is a tree brk
Lighter (Obvious) This lighter is sitting on top of my pants. its a direct contrast to the background of the image so you can clearly tell what the focus of the image is
Sunset (Ambiguous) this image is ambiguous because if it was flipped you couldnt tell what the image was
Sky(Ambiguous)- This is an ambiguous picture because of the repeating patterns within the sky that make it hard to tell what it initially is
Rock(Obvious)- This rock is the only unique thing on the picture so it is obvious that it is the main focus

Kambandi Hayer project 1

this photo is ambiguous. this is my wall and its hard to tell where it begins

this photo is ambiguous. because to me it looks like its going everywhere
this photo is ambiguous
this photo is obvious: you can tell its bubble gum on the floor
this photo is obvious: you can see that it is a leaf on the floor.
this photo is obvious: its a piece of aluminum foil that looks like a claw

Patricia Germain: Project 1: Lost & Found_Discovery

Raynieri Almonte, Project 1 – Discover

The image depicts a banner that was used to promote mathematics and or number’s/symbols. it was mounted on the wall to grab people’s attention, and make you want to choose said activity that is trying to be portrayed by the poster.

The sculpture was made as an abstract creation of an electrical circuit, you can see cables being adapted inside the circle and its very eye catching because of its unnatural looks. it was mounted onto a wall to decorate and make people understand off the bat what the building is primarily focusing on informing you on.

The rulers although its name may depict ruling, you really cant tell which one is ruling the other, this caught my eye as it shows the user ran out of time to organize, and although messy it made a great picture for this project.

The idea that the fire alarm has its own image to describe what you should do in case the alarm was to sound, seems to be very funny as, if the alarm was to sound you wouldn’t look for instructions, and instead your instinct would tell you to run.

Fire extinguisher logo, when you zoom in it seems as though it was a Fire Exit, i liked said idea but it really brings out a contrast of the white background between red and white.

the button although it is black and white, you can tell the button is red and a super important, i liked the image because it was just catching my eye as buttons are always something that you want to press and although i wanted to press said button, i know i shouldn’t because of the contrast it has between other buttons you are allowed to press.

Nancy Canongo, Project 1 – Discovery

Battery – Obvious: The focal point of this image would clearly be the battery making it have an obvious figure/ground relationship. The battery hue is definitely more pigmented than the background which allows the battery to be the dominant of the image. The battery would classify as geometric due to its obvious shape and parallel sides. To find a battery on the beach does not come as surprising anymore due to the fact that when people go visit, it can surely get messy. Based on the environment that the battery was found, i would assume that someone who went fishing, “dropped” it while changing its flashlight battery. Once the sun sets, it’s very impossible to notice whether a fish was….fished. I definitely struggled seeing the hook while fishing.
Lottery Ticket – Obvious: Located in what appears to be the centerline of the image, lays the lottery ticket. The composition of this image makes the ticket stand out more than everything else around because while we still see very dark stains on the floor, the white contrast with the background and the line almost seems to underline the emphasis of this image which again, is the lottery ticket. In my thoughts, not anyone would RANDOMLY drop a lottery ticket as there is a chance of getting a price by simply scratching a piece of paper. A person must have left it behind on the floor with deception of not gaining nothing. Also, the lottery ticket seems to be facing down which makes it more symbolical of what can highlight possible frustration.
Book Page – Obvious: Its quite normal to find trash in NYC, but to find a book page, now thats interesting. The book page is no longer just a rectangle but still classifies as geometric with its very obvious lines and classification of shape and direction. Just like the lottery ticket, the book page is a very bright hue which makes it stand out. Shades lighter than the floor, there is no camouflage within the image, making it obvious.

Naheed Miah, project 1-images

This photo is ambiguous. This is a picture from the floor of the inside of a subway train. I took this picture on the A train on my way home from school. This floor is stepped on by hundreds of New Yorkers every single day. You can see the damages and wear from years of use.
This photo is obvious. The photo is a leaf that I had seen on the side walk near my house. This leaf seemed like it had been stepped on my hundreds of New Yorkers everyday. The leaf seems like it had been on the ground for a very long time.
This photo is obvious. I had taken this photo on the A train on my way home from school. The image is a train seat which had a crumbled receipt on it. I believe this was left behind by a New Yorker.
This photo is ambiguous. This is also another photo I took on my way home from school on the train. This is the Hazard part of the platform. This part of the platform is stepped on hundreds of New Yorkers daily and keeps people away from the tracks.
This photo is Ambiguous. I took this photo on the train on my way home from school. This is the side by the exit of the train. I found this image to be really cool. This part of the train is seen by a lot of New Yorkers daily and is only in the old subway trains.
This photo is obvious. I took this picture by the sidewalk near my house. The image is a feather of a bird. I think this feather was stepped on by many New Yorkers because is seems messed up and damaged.

Sophia Tolentino Proj01


This is the grain on the wooden boardwalk in Jones Beach. It’s interesting to see that it is mostly straight lines and rarely curves. Inspecting the image, it would be difficult to tell what it was, and it is difficult to tell which color is the foreground and the background, which creates an ambiguous figure/ground relationship.


This is an obvious figure/ground relationship because it is obvious which is the background as it takes up the most volume in the image. Although it has an obvious figure/ground relationship, it is not obvious what the actual thing in the image is.

This is ambiguous because it is hard to tell which is in front and which is in the back due to the ratio of light to dark. There seems to be an even amount of each within the image.


This is obvious because it is obvious what the figure is. The contrast between the elements in this photo makes it obvious which is the figure. There are also shadows on the dark item, which makes it obvious it is on top of the ground.


This is an ambiguous figure/ground. It is hard to tell which is the figure because even though there is contrast, they take up about the same amount of space in the photo.


This photo of a leaf on the street is an example of an obvious figure/ground relationship. The shadows that the leaf is casting on the ground shows that it is on top of the street.

Samridha Lamichhane, Project 1 – Discovery

The first image is ambiguous; it appears to have a rough texture and resembles bricks. It comes from a structure close to where I reside. It ended up there because it was needed to hold the other bricks in the apartment building, but based on how it appears, it was probably manufactured a long time ago because it is quite rusted out or old-looking.

The second image is ambiguous since it’s difficult to discern what stands out between the leaves and the concrete floor. This picture was captured next to a tree on a sidewalk. There are many leaves on the ground since fall is approaching and the leaves are dropping.

This is also ambiguous and there are rocks or pebbles in the image, which appear to show a concrete floor. This has a rough feel that is consistent with a concrete floor. Those stones probably ended up there as part of a design to add interest rather than keeping it basic.

This picture is Obvious, we know what to focus on, as we can see the sprinkler/standpipe which is used when there’s a fire, and this picture was built near a gym, which means the purpose of it, was it to prevent a fire if there ever was a fire. But there is also a knob stands out because the color is the brightest one and it looks like it’s on the top.

The second image is obvious in seeing; a drainer is visible, it’s outside, and there is rubbish on top of it. Given that the photo was taken at a waste disposal area, it seems reasonable that there is some trash on top of the drainer. The drainer’s function is to allow rainwater to drain into the sewer when it rains.

The image depicts a sock on top of a floor; given that socks have a smoother surface than, say, a concrete floor, the texture may be soft. The purpose of socks is to cover the feet. It could drop to the ground after being dropped, possibly from a garbage sock or a wash bag. This illustration is obvious.

Erick Fiallos, Project 1- Discover

Leaf “Obvious image”- The image is a dry and old leaf that has been stepped on and mistreated by the thousands of New Yorkers who pass through there daily. Its shape is organic, with a very circular body but very defined tips and its texture is soft despite how dead it is. The figure is an apparent object concerning the ground since it can be seen very easily on the pavement. Possibly it ended up there because when it dried, it just fell off its tree and moved with the wind until it reached that street
Fork “Obvious image”- It is easy to say that this figure is very unusual to find on the street, which makes it stand out from the ground even more. A full-size metal fork lying on the streets is not very common to see. The texture is cold and hard. I would say that his shape is geometrical since it has many straight and perfectly cut lines, something made by humans. Is hard to know or imagine the story behind this fork, I just want to assume that some family o person was at a picnic maybe and it just fell in the street.
Napkin “Obvious image”- This is a figure where her obviousness stands out from the ground due to the clearness that is seen. It is a used and very dirty napkin that rests on the floor of New York City. Its originally rectangular shape was compromised due to the folds and wrinkles it has due to the footsteps of hundreds of people. The texture may still be soft and pliable, but its original color and shape are no longer the same. I can only imagine that this napkin ended up on the street after completing its job of cleaning the hands and face of some hungry person, where its path to the dump was compromised either by high winds or carelessness by the owner of this napkin.
Paint in a wall “Ambiguous image”- This is a photo of paint worn by time, you can see the few remains that remain of what used to be a smooth wall. Their shapes are organic because they have been formed by wind, water, and sun. Its texture is like sand and every time you pass a hand it keeps coming off.
Oil in the street “Ambiguous image” – In this image it is difficult to distinguish what is what, it looks like a black stain that was mixed with another, but in reality in oil that was spilled on a street. Now, because the oil has dried it’s hard to tell which is the road and which is the oil in the photo. Their shapes are organic, full of round shapes, with no straight lines or geometric shapes. The most logical way that occurs of how this stain was formed is that perhaps a parked car, probably in poor condition, began to spill oil in that place and then dry.
Wall with texture “Ambiguous image ” – This is the image of very organic shapes on a wall. The shapes despite being organic were made by a human, it is hard to believe but it is because the movements made by a hand are very natural.

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