Project 6 – Museum Visit

Project 6  –  Museum Visit

   Starts: November 22nd – Hand in Date: December 16th.


Choose a Museum, Art Gallery or Street Art and analyze and write about the Art piece of your choice. 

  1. State Artist name, medium, date of the art piece and place you’ve seen it.
  2. Analyze and describe the art piece in terms of all the projects developed until today’s date
    • P1. Obvious and Ambiguous. Foreground/Background relationship. Shapes.
    • P2. Texture and Pattern. Foreground/Background relationship. Contrast. Line and  Type.
    • P3. Motion and Emotion. Gray Scale. Focal point. Mood. Movement.
    • P4. Color. Have the color wheel with you for help. Warm, cool, primary, secondary, complementary, triad, analogous, contrast, intensity, mood, etc.
  1. Compare the art piece you’ve chosen with one with one or more of the Projects you have done. What are the elements you find in common? Similarities? Differences?
  1. Post in OpenLab
  • Under Categories (on right hand side), choose “Museum Visit”
  • Post the art piece photograph you’ve selected together with your project image/s that you are comparing it with.
  • If you talk about a specific part of the art piece make sure you post a close up photograph of the area mentioned.
  • Post only images, NOT writing.

Hand in:

    • A written analysis (Not less than 1 page) and description of the art piece chosen compared and referencing to one or more of your current semester project/s.
    • Printed color Image/s of the art piece and your project/s. If you talk about a specific part of the art piece make sure you include a close up photograph of the area mentioned. You can avoid this step ONLY if you uploaded same items in OpenLab.
    • DO NOT include artist bio.

Make sure you state:

    • Museum Visit.
    • Museum/Gallery/Venue Name.
    • Exhibit Name.
    • Artist Name
    • Art piece name, year and media.
    • Your Name.
    • Date.