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Sidy Project 1 discover

Ocean(Ambiguous)- This is the ocean in the beautiful coast of Senegal . the ambiguity in this image is the texture change in the image. although its the ocean some people may perceive it as a rocky terrain or sand
tree bark(Ambiguous) – This tree bark is ambiguous because of the uncertainty of what it is. if you look hard enough though you could tell that is is a tree brk
Lighter (Obvious) This lighter is sitting on top of my pants. its a direct contrast to the background of the image so you can clearly tell what the focus of the image is
Sunset (Ambiguous) this image is ambiguous because if it was flipped you couldnt tell what the image was
Sky(Ambiguous)- This is an ambiguous picture because of the repeating patterns within the sky that make it hard to tell what it initially is
Rock(Obvious)- This rock is the only unique thing on the picture so it is obvious that it is the main focus