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Samridha Lamichhane: Project 3 – Define mood area/Collage Sketches

The vocal point was the eyebrows as they are in there centered and it’s very dark and extensive, there are wrinkles all over the nose area, and the cut-out (of different shades) it makes the face looks very serious
The eyebrows and mouth are very dark compared to the face, I also made the hair fly out in the air where I’m trying to show that the hair exploded out in the air, also the smoke came out from the top and side of the head to show that it’s angry just like in some cartoons.
The ears and the hair is coming off and so is the eye and they are all over the place going in a different direction and the mouth is open as if the person is screaming, and the eyebrows are still dark and thick

Samridha Lamichhane: Project 3 – Selfie & Mood

Post selfie, your name, mood chosen and description of the facial movement and feelings of that chosen emotion.

Black and white
100 on both contrast and brightness
– 50 on brightness and 100 on shadows
-50 on brightness and contrast and 50 on shadows

The mood chosen for the project will be “Anger.”

For a description of the facial movement:

Eyebrows are lowered and closed to each other, with wrinkles (a line going straight down) between your eyebrows, also the mouth will be open as when someone is angry, they could be yelling. The hair, ear, and lips will all come off as if your head is exploding with rage.

Samridha Lamichhane: Step 5 – Deliver & Critique.

The use of line and type, such as loose lines and how they can help my shading and also match the picture, are some of the things I learned from this project. When it came to typing, I learned to use different types of font rather than just one, and this other kind of font helped me fill up space in a particular area. Some things I could have done better include drawing the image to make it consistent with the original, as well as cutting the last portion using an Exacto knife because the 5×5 had some minor bumps. I may use some of the knowledge I gained, such as type and line drawing, in my subsequent project and maintain a consistent aesthetic with the typefaces or lines.

Samridha Lamichhane: Step 4 – Develop in ink.



Final pencil sketch

The texture design I tried to make sure both line and type showed the the spreading, and I also matched the shading of the grey as there were multiple different type of shades. When it comes to the Pattern, in the type some type had draken line to match the the edges of the shape, which was hexagon. For both, I made the line loose but made sure the line from pattern and texture weren’t similar.