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Creative Mornings comes to City Tech

Join us for this special and rare CreativeMornings session. 

From coffee at 8:30am, through goodbyes at 10:30am, plan on spending a cathartic morning with us—as human flourishing artists, Deb Bubb and Keith Yamashita take us on a journey to refind and recenter ourselves. We are all artists. Because every life is a creative act. Come claim yours.

Keith Yamashita is the founder of SYPartners and the kyu collective—one of the world’s largest collectives of creative humans in business. He was co-host of This Human Moment. Last time he was on our stage at CreativeMornings, he shared with us his story about his harrowing stroke, and rebuilding of a life

Deb Bubb is a career HR executive and former social worker with a deeply human-centered and science-based approach to transformation. Her lifelong passion for art and play have inspired her work as a narrative therapist, leadership consultant, and human transformation expert. She is a Tignum B-LD ambassador, and a board advisor for several leadership and talent companies. She was a featured co-host of This Human Moment and has published widely on the science of healthy, high performing organizations.

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Fall 2023 Registration Info

Registration for Summer and Fall 2023 is open.

If you are looking to speak to your advisor, check out the faculty available here:

Are you planning to take Portfolio, Senior Project, or Internship classes in the Spring/Summer of 2023?
Talk to an advisor:

  • Learn what to expect from those classes
  • Find out how to register for the correct section
  • Get your permissions so you don’t miss out. 

(yes, you need to speak to an advisor to get permission.)

Based on the work you want to produce in either class, ask your advisor or the department for permission for the specific section of Senior Project and Portfolio.

Here are ALL the Friday Portfolio course offered.

All portfolio classes meet on Fridays! AND, Instructors may change before the Spring 2023 semester

Here are ALL the Wednesday Senior Project courses offered.

All senior project classes meet on Wednesdays! AND, Instructors may change before the Spring 2023 semester

Here are ALL the Internship courses offered.

Clubs, Clubs, Club!

Get ready for the semester and have some fun. COMD Clubs are an opportunity for you to expand your skills, learn something new, or just me new people.

Ink Club for Illustration (Rm P125)

Moving Pixels for Motion Graphics and Film (Rm P121)

Art + Design Club for Advertising and Design (Rm P123)

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