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Welcome Transfer Students!

The Transfer Student Center & Recruitment unit recognizes that transferring can be a daunting process. Our goal is to prepare students for success by helping them understand the application process and admission criteria, giving general information on majors and programs, and fostering communication with the appropriate department(s). We offer guidance and resources to prospective and incoming transfer students to facilitate a smoother transition to City Tech. Our services include:

  • Process transfer applications
  • Evaluation of transfer credits
  • Offer on-campus tours
  • Provide transfer information sessions
  • Participate in off-campus recruitment events

For answers to questions on Transfer Student status and more, visit our FAQ page.

Are you from BMCC, KCC or BCC?

What are articulation agreements?

An articulation agreement is a written contract or a partnership between educational institutions that allows course credit earned at one institution (the ‘sending college’) to be transferred and applied toward a specific degree program at another institution (the ‘receiving college’). Umbrella partnerships are specific articulation agreements where multiple or all programs offered at the sending college are transferred into their equivalent at the receiving college. Articulation agreements importantly specify the courses remaining to earn the baccalaureate degree and also outline the timeframe for degree completion.

Full List here > https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/comd-advisement/transfer-students/articulation-agreements/

How can I use articulation agreements for transfer planning?

There are three things to pay particular attention to when you look at an articulation agreement:
1) the admission requirements outline any special requirements for admission to the program (e.g., minimum GPA, audition, or portfolio);
2) the upper-division requirements list the specific courses you will need to take at the 4-year college to complete your degree; and, if applicable,
3) the program maps provide a guide to course sequencing and the courses you need to take each semester at the senior college.