Current as of Tuesday 9/22/21

We will keep this page updated with any new info as the semester progresses.

Welcome Back to the Pearl, COMD!

All students coming to campus must be vaccinated!

The rules are constantly changing, and the explanations are confusing. Visit the CUNY student FAQs page for more information.

We are excited to welcome everyone back into our labs. We want to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for all, so we ask you to follow these important steps. This will help to ensure peace of mind and a welcoming place to be. 

Feel free to drop by during the scheduled times, or reserve a space before heading down, with the online form below.

The COVID campus rules may not be clear, so let us try and make them clearer:

  1. All students must be vaccinated to come onto campus.
  2. It can take as long as 10 days for the system to approve your vaccinated status. (Currently it takes 3-4 days.)
  3. Everyone on campus must wear a mask, properly, over the nose and mouth.
  4. The smartphone app is changing from Everbridge to Cleared4.
  5. Showing up with your vaccination card will not allow you on campus. You need to be approved thru CUNYfirst AND Cleared4.

If you see someone not wearing their mask properly, mention it to a College Lab Technician (CLT). The clt will ask them politely to wear it properly. If they refuse, a public safety officer will ask them to leave the campus.

Here are the student requirements:

Don’t wait to upload your vaccination card to CUNYfirst. Do it today because there are delays in the approval process.

We will be opening the labs on campus. 

Starting Monday 9/13/2021


Please be patient with our support staff. This is a work in progress.


The labs are for students enrolled in COMD Classes only. 


Sanitize your workspace before and after use. 


We encourage you to work with your peers safely. 

We encourage you to come to campus in order to take classes online or in-person. We welcome you to work on projects, homework, and other assignments while on campus. If you have your own device, laptop, tablet, whatever, you are welcome to bring your own equipment or feel free to use the computers in the classrooms. If you choose to use a lab computer you must sanitize your station before and after use. If you plan to use your own personal device, please still sanitize the workspace for others. PPE, cleaning products, and more are already stationed in every lab for you.

You must wear a face mask that covers your mouth and nose at all times, no exceptions. If you cannot comply with that rule, you will be asked to leave by Public Safety.

Note: Students who plan to attend online classes in the labs must bring standard wired earbuds. Audio must be quiet to others. Interacting in online classes is possible in the dedicated online learning labs (P114-115.)


All Students must be vaccinated to be on campus. 


Any unvaccinated faculty or staff must get tested before coming to campus. 


While in the Pearl and Voorhees, masks are required, no exceptions

We are working on a system for which students will be able to drop into campus, take classes, do homework, meet with their peers, and have a quiet place to learn, grow, and collaborate, but it will take all of us, working together to make that a success. We have created a Google Form to register to come in and work. 

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