The Sophomore Review (TSR) is a crucial component of your Communication Design II (COMD 2400) course, designed to assess your progress in the program and provide valuable insights for your academic and professional journey. This document outlines the requirements, expectations, and guidelines for creating and presenting your Sophomore Portfolio.


The primary objectives of the Sophomore Review are:

  • BFA Degree Completion: Ensure students are on track to successfully complete their BFA degree.
  • Academic and Career Guidance: Provide academic and career advice to help students navigate their path in Communication Design.
  • Support for Advanced Students: Offer support to students needing additional assistance in their academic journey.
  • Internship and Scholarship Opportunities: Guide advanced students toward potential internship and scholarship opportunities based on their strengths.

The Sophomore Review is for ALL students completing Communication Design II, COMD 2400. Students will submit their online digital portfolios for review and then meet one-on-one with a faculty member for 10-15 minutes to present their Sophomore Portfolio. 

Important Guidelines

All students should be using the OpenLab platform to display their work. If you have not created an OpenLab Portfolio, please follow this video/post to build your portfolio.