Review the body of work you have created, and determine which projects you want as part of your Sophomore Portfolio. If you have not created a portfolio, you must create a digital one. Digitally will be the only way your work will be reviewed. Reminder: work can be from any class, but it can also be personal work that fits the requirements.

7 Visual Projects: Include projects from any class, as well as personal work, addressing all areas of a strong creative foundation in communication design. Properly label each project on your website.

  • Typographic sample
  • Drawing sample
  • Photography or Video sample
  • Layout and Design
  • 3 additional samples
  • Any 3 additional academic or non-academic projects focusing on your strengths or desired career path.

Written Descriptions and Reflections: Provide written descriptions for each project, reflecting on your process, project requirements, and outcomes.

Resume: Include an updated resume as a PDF.

At the beginning of the semester, COMD faculty will talk to COMD 2300/2400 classes to give an info session about the Sophomore review.

Your online portfolio must be submitted in Week 8, Sunday, March 17th, 2024. 2 weeks later, and you will present your work and consult a COMD faculty about the progression of your COMD career.

Seek Feedback / Support

  • Meet with your current COMD 2300 Professor to assess your strongest work.
  • Set up a meeting with your COMD advisor for a second opinion.
  • Work with your advisor to determine which projects meet the “Sophomore quality” standard and what needs improvement.
  • Discuss ways to enhance your work.
  • Review if you need to add more projects to complete your body of work.
  • Revise your work based on feedback from advisors and professors.

Organize Your Portfolio

  •  Organize all your portfolio work with a clean web theme.
  •  Please ensure each work contains a feature image, a project description, a gallery of additional images, a reflection paragraph, and process images where applicable.

Select Your Best Work

  • Identify your strongest and favorite work that you want to discuss with your reviewer.
  • Practice articulating the value and quality of the selected work using the provided prompts.
    • What was the purpose of this project?
    • Who is the audience of this work, and why?
    • What technique(s) did you use to achieve your final results?
    • If you had more time, what aspect could you update to improve it?


  • Submit your final sophomore portfolio website for review on the specified date.
  • Choose a timeslot based on your COMD 2400 class schedule.

Present & Discuss

  • Be prepared to present your best work and discuss your plan for completing your COMD BFA.
  • You will have 15 minutes to showcase and engage with a COMD faculty member.
Following these steps will help you prepare effectively for your Sophomore Review and showcase your progress and potential in the Communication Design program.