Join us for this special and rare CreativeMornings session. 

From coffee at 8:30am, through goodbyes at 10:30am, plan on spending a cathartic morning with us—as human flourishing artists, Deb Bubb and Keith Yamashita take us on a journey to refind and recenter ourselves. We are all artists. Because every life is a creative act. Come claim yours.

Keith Yamashita is the founder of SYPartners and the kyu collective—one of the world’s largest collectives of creative humans in business. He was co-host of This Human Moment. Last time he was on our stage at CreativeMornings, he shared with us his story about his harrowing stroke, and rebuilding of a life

Deb Bubb is a career HR executive and former social worker with a deeply human-centered and science-based approach to transformation. Her lifelong passion for art and play have inspired her work as a narrative therapist, leadership consultant, and human transformation expert. She is a Tignum B-LD ambassador, and a board advisor for several leadership and talent companies. She was a featured co-host of This Human Moment and has published widely on the science of healthy, high performing organizations.

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