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Spring 2021 – Course Openings

Hello students, as you get ready for the Spring semester, review below.

When registration opens this semester for Spring 2021, the department will open new sections weekly. Each Friday a new group of courses will open according to what fills.

Check back here weekly for newly opened sections.

Foundation Courses

  • Intro To Video – COMD 2320 OL86
  • Figure Drawing – COMD 1233 OL48
  • Photography 1 – COMD 1340 OL68
  • Type and Media – COMD 1127 OL24
  • Raster / Vector – COMD 1162 OL50

BFA Courses

  • Design Studio – COMD 3701 OL71
  • The Design Team – COMD 4701 OL12
  • Internship – COMD 4900 OL94
  • Internship – COMD 4900 OL90
  • Campaign Development – COMD 3500
  • Comm. Design Theory – COMD 3504
  • UX / UI Design – COMD 3562
Sec.Portfolio – COMD 4801
OL08Graphic Design
OL10Animation/ Broadcast/ Motion
OL30Graphic Design
SecSenior Project – COMD 4830
OL26Animation/ Broadcast/ Motion
OL29Graphic Design
OL95Graphic Design

Spring ’21 WI + ID courses

These are they list of course, very small, can an satisfy BOTH a Writing Intensive AND an Interdisciplinary requirement.

  • ECON 2505ID – Environmental Economics
  • ESCI 2000ID – Energy Resources
  • HIS 3402ID – Topics in Modern History, 1975 – Present
  • PHYS 2443ID – Modern Physics
  • THE 3000ID – Theatre of Law

Check CUNYfirst for availability. COMD has NO control of the registration within these departments.

SP21 Senior Orientation

Come to club hours on Thursday at 12:45 pm to learn more about taking any of the classes in the Spring: Portfolio, Senior Project, and/or Internship. Also, find out which section is best for you, remember that Portfolio and Senior Project are determined by your career concentration. 

Don’t get left out.

Credit / No Credit (Spring 2020)

As part of The City University of New York’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CUNY Board of Trustees approved the following flexible grading policy on March 30, 2020 which allows all students during the Spring 2020 semester only to have the option to convert any or all of the (A-F) letter grades they earn in their classes, to Credit/No Credit grading.

Students will be able to select this option after their class grades have been posted in CUNYfirst by their instructor.

Important links for students

Frequently Asked Questions

How-To Guide

Policy Option Chart

Spring 2020 Academic Calendar

Also: How to Drop or Withdraw

Flexible Grading Policy: Faculty Information

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