Call for Nominations and Election: Common Core Course Review Committee

Dear Colleagues:

The University Provost has asked all CUNY campus faculty governance bodies to participate in the selection of members to serve on the Common Core Course Review Committee.  The CCCRC reviews all courses submitted for inclusion in the CUNY Common Core.    There are three review subcommittees:

  1. Subcommittee One: “English Composition,” “Creative Expression,” and “Individual and Society.”
  2. Subcommittee Two: “Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning,” “Life and Physical Sciences,” and “Scientific World.”
  3. Subcommittee Three: “World Cultures and Global Issues” and “U.S. Experience in its Diversity”

Each college will have the opportunity to have a representative on each committee chosen through college governance.  For more information regarding this change in selection policy, see the letter from Interim Chancellor Kelly, February 2014,

Each representative will serve a two-year term beginning immediately and extending until the end of the 2015-16 academic year.  The expected duties are “to review courses via the CUNYfirst course review system (training will be provided) and to communicate with their committees by email, phone, and in person (varying by committee) to discuss and vote on courses.  Members will receive one course release to be used sometime during their committee service of two years.”

Our College Council will conduct nominations and election of representative for the three positions at our next general meeting on September 30 at 12:45-2:00pm in the Atrium Amphitheater.  Nominees will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Each faculty member must be a full-time, tenured at Associate rank or higher, and
  • Have experience teaching common core courses in the categories they hope to represent.

No academic discipline or department shall be represented on more than one committee per two year term at any time. Candidates are not required to be current members of College Council. However, the must be nominated at the September 30 meeting by a current Council representative and they must be present to accept nomination.  If there are multiple candidates for each position, the candidate with the plurality will serve as the representative and runners-up will serve as alternates.

Officers for 2014-2015 College Council

Officers elected at the Organization Meeting on Tuesday, May 13:

  • Peter Catapano, Chair
  • Maria Pagano, Vice-Chair
  • Marco Castillo, Secretary
  • Peter Parides, Parliamentarian

The Summer Emergency Committee

  • Peter Catapano
  • Maria Pagano
  • Marco Castillo
  • Damon Baker
  • Bob Cermele
  • Anthony Sena
  • Albert Sherman
  • Eric Lobel
  • Henry Africk
  • Jonathan Natov

Thanks to everyone who attended today’s meeting.  Have a great summer!

CUNY Faculty Senate, Spring 2014 Election Results

Currently there are vacancies for one (1) senator to represent full-time faculty through May 2017; one (1) to serve through May 2016; and two (2) to serve through May 2015.   There are vacancies for up to three (3) alternate senators to serve through May 2015: two (2) representing full-time faculty and one (1) representing part-time faculty.

Gerald Van Loon, 35 (through May 2017)

Morris Hounion, 29 (through May 2016)

7 blank

2 disqualified

Academic Integrity Committee, Spring 2014 Results

In accord with the CUNY Policy on Academic Integrity, effective July 1, 2011, the Academic Integrity Committee (AIC) is charged to maintain, support and disseminate academic integrity policies, procedures and guidelines. In addition, the AIC is charged with hearing appeals of all contested charges of academic dishonesty against a student when the charge does not involve the pursuit of a disciplinary sanction.

The Academic Integrity Committee consists of seven (7) members.  Four (4) members have been appointed by the Provost.  Three (3) members shall be elected for three-year rotating terms.  No two elected members shall be from the same department.    

Anna Matthews, 60

12 blank ballots

Faculty/Student Disciplinary Committee, Spring 2014 Election Results

The Bylaws of the Board of Trustees, Section 15.3f, provide for the constitution of a Faculty/Student Disciplinary Committee whose function it is to formally hear and pass judgment on any charges, accusations, or allegations against a member of the student body. In each disciplinary action, the committee shall consist of two (2) faculty members, two (2) students, and a chair.  The two faculty members shall be selected by lot from a panel of six.

Six (6) vacancies presently exist for a two year term.

Claire Stewart, 53

Aida Egues, 40

Lisette Santisteban, 40

Personnel Appeals Committee, Spring 2014 Election Results

This committee is composed of eight tenured associate or full professors.  Of the eight members, two shall be elected from each academic schools, and two from the unit division composed of voters from the Departments of Continuing Education, Library, Student Affairs, and the Registrar’s Series.  One representative each from the HEO and CLT series shall serve with vote, when there are appeals from members of those series.

Service on the committee will be for a two-year term.  The term of service is staggered so that in any given year only new member from each of the constituent groups is elected.

School of Arts & Sciences

Dennis Bakewicz, 22

6 blank ballots

School of Technology & Design

Paul King, 10 

3 blank ballots

HEO Representative

Richard Aronin, 18

2 blank

1 disqualified

Delegate at Large to College Council, Spring 2014 Election Results

Eleven vacancies for three year term (Fall 2014-Spring 2017)

Nadia Benakli, 45

Laura Ghezzi, 43

Teresa Tobin, 42

Lin Zhou, 36

Lourdes Smith, 35

Dennis Bakewicz, 30

Arianne Masude, 29

Ariyeh Maller, 27

Nasato Nakamura, 27

Asm Delowar Hossain, 26

Marco Castillo, 25*

Alternates (serve for one-year term to fill any 2014-2015 Delegate at Large vacancies)

1. Corina Calinescu, 25* (will serve 1 year-term to replace Laura Ghezzi for 2014-2015)

2. Sharon Shockness, 21

*Tie broken by lot

Election Reminder

Campus-wide elections will be held from Monday, March 31 to Friday, April 4 for the following positions:

Auxiliary Enterprise Board

Academic Integrity Committee

Personnel Appeals Committee

Faculty/Student Disciplinary Committee

Delegates-at- Large College Council

CUNY Faculty Senate

All elections will be held in the ISR office (Namm 321)

Nominations for Delegates-at-Large to College Council

The nomination period for Delegates-at-Large to College Council is now open.   Delegates-at-Large are elected for a three-year term with one-third of the membership elected yearly on a rotating basis.

Current members, if you have any questions of when your term expires, please consult the membership list on the top menu of this page.

Anyone interested in serving must submit a nominating petition with 25 qualifying signatures to the Instructional Staff Relations office, Namm 321, by Monday, March 17. The election will be held in the ICR office from Monday, March 31 to Friday, April 4. 

The following members of the instructional staff shall be eligible to serve on and vote for the college council:

a) All professors and associate professors,
b) All tenured assistant professors and instructors,
c) All assistant professors and instructors who have received a third full-time annual
d) All full-time assistant professors (untenured) who have been appointed to the rank
after serving for a minimum of three years as full-time lecturers/instructors,
e) All full-time lecturers who have received a third, continuous, annual appointment,
f) All college laboratory technicians who have received a third, continuous, full-time
annual appointment,
g) All higher education officers who have received a third, continuous, full-time
annual appointment.
Only those who qualify above can sign the nominating petition.