Agenda, General Meeting, Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tues, 12:45-2:00pm in Atrium Amphitheater (AG30)

I. Call to Order

II. Approval of Minutes

III. Chair’s Report

IV. Standing Committee Reports


  • Minor:
    • 14C English Minor changes in ENG 3771 and 3773
    • 14D Minor Change in prerequisite to BUS 2339
    • 14E Minor Change in prerequisites to ARCH courses
  • Major:
    • 14-05 New Course ARCH 4750, Advanced Simulations for High Performance Buildings
    • 14-09 Modification to AAS CMCE Technology Programs
    • 14-13 BS in Applied Chemistry
    • 14-17 Modification to ENG 1101

(You can find all current Curriculum Course proposals on the Curriculum Proposals page on the Council website:


  • Bylaw change on procedures for electing the Administrative Evaluation Committee

V. President’s Report

VI. Provost’s Report

VII. Good and Welfare

VIII. Adjournment

 Reminders: Upcoming Meetings:

  • Standing Committees: February 10
  • Executive Committee: February 17
  • College Council Meeting: March 3