Reading Response “Backpacks vs. Briefcases” by Laura Carroll

Please read this article and write a response to the following questions:

  1. What are examples of rhetoric that you see or hear on a daily
  1. What are some ways that you create rhetoric? What kinds of
    messages are you trying to communicate?
    58 Laura Bolin Carroll
  2. What is an example of a rhetorical situation that you have
    found yourself in? Discuss exigence, audience, and constraints.
  3. What is the genre of this piece?
  4. Who do you think is the intended audience? What do you think is the purpose? Why? Explain.


  1. Claudia

    Some examples of rhetoric that I see on a daily basis would be advertisements, political speeches, and news stories. I create rhetoric when buying books, clothes, makeup, and choosing where I want to eat. If I read a philosophical book it could communicate that I may be open-minded and discussing theories and sharing ideas about certain subjects. When I buy a certain style of clothes, and style of makeup, it would show what some of my interests may be. The time I went to my job interview is a rhetorical situation, the exigence of my job was that I needed to start saving up for moving, and personal expenses. The audience for my interview was my employer. The constraints were my attire because I had to dress professionally for the interview. The intended audience is for people who read often because Carroll explains throughout her piece that it’s important to learn how rhetoric works so that we can more efficiently ascertain the purpose behind the creator’s attempt at persuasion.

  2. Shaniyah

    To start this was a fun article to read after the first sentence I found myself not able to take my eyes off the computer. The author made a very interesting point between, rhetoric writing and everyday examples of rhetoric For example the judging your professor from the minute he or she walks in the room. This is something I do with everyone, it’s normal for me to make as assumption about someone just from the way they look even though that’s very ignorant. I didn’t look deep into why we tend to do that, but this rhetoric idea makes sense of it. Everyday we look at advertisement on NYC public transportation, commercials, speeches and even banners and billboards . These are all examples of rhetoric that we probably overlook everyday. For this writing to narrow down a specific audience would be difficult, I feel anybody can read this but it may have been written for students, writers and public speakers to strengthen their argument.

  3. Jacob Saile

    There are many types of rhetoric that i see on a daily basis from books to tv to advertisments weather on a billboard or on television. A rhetoric can be made by anything and anyone . I create a personal rhetoric when i chose where i wanna eat ,what games i wanna play , and what i wanna wear. For kids around my age most of the rhetorics that persuade us happens on social media. Trends within what we consider to be our status quo decide how we dress , do our hair ,and where we hangout with friends . I know personally that in high school i was more into sports than anything so i whore a lot of sports or nike clothe , my free time went towards sports weather its training or playing a video game. I think this passage is an informative one trying to get us to realize how sometimes we a persuaded to do something withoput even knowing it . Sometimes we may dress or do something that we may not even want to do but a rhetoric persuaded us to. This isnt a bad thing everyone does it in one way or another its human nature . I think the purpose of this piece is to make us realize and understand that this happens to us,

  4. Joscar

    1.Some examples of rhetoric that I see on a daily basis are clothing on social media. Every social media has clothing advertisements that in one way or another are persuading you to buy what they’re selling.

    2. Rhetoric is the language that is used to inform,motivate, persuade an audience and some ways we can create rhetoric is by involving people’s feelings so that they have a connection or draw their interest.

    3. An example of a rhetorical situation that I was involved in is when my friends try to convince me to stop working so I can hangout with them. Most of the time they end up convincing me to share time with them.

    4. This genre is an informative text since the readers are learning something new with her writing.

    5. The intended audience is college students and the purpose is to make them understand what is rhetorical writing. Laura carrol said, “Imagine the first day of class in first year composition at your university” she is letting the reader know that she is specifically talking about college students with this. Throughout the text she is mainly talking about rhetoric which led me to making the assumption that the purpose is to teach or to show what is rhetorical.

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