Week 7 Discussion Post

Please read the Week 7 PowerPoint and respond to it! Make sure to complete all of the required “Activities” as well!

You can reply in a Comment to this Post. Please complete the assignment by Wednesday, October 14th! Thanks!

Please post your free write on your topic here! It should be about 100 to 250 words!

The response to the Activities on the PowerPoint are required if you are Asynchronous (have not attended either Synchronous Class on Zoom). It is optional If you have.

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  1. Joscar

    Word count:215

    Worldwide millions of students are taking online school because of the pandemic. There’s a lot of diversity onto the idea of having online school, students are having problems learning through a computer. While the pandemic is stopping students from having in person classes online is the only choice left and for our safety is best if we stay away from others. Some schools are open but is this a good idea? For some parents and school districts it seems as if they don’t care, the lives of students are in jeopardy just because they need to go to school.

    Closing schools is a proven measure that has been shown to slow the spread of Covid-19 and in turn, save lives in general. And yes online school is all we have left but is it really informative or productive ? I feel like not having school at all is not the way but making students work through a computer and think they are learning is selfish, is hard to learn in person now imagine online where you are alone listening to a teacher just talk to a screen. Also, some teachers make it hard enough by just presenting the lesson and ask you to homework, they don’t even cared if you learn or get what you doing.

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