My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant by Jose Antonio

Antonio Vargas’s experiences influence his literacy development in many when he arrived for the first time it was difficult to learn and distinguish English and American slang. Having to learn both at the same time to fit in with the rest of the American kids. He realized that “anti-immigrant” existed and very clear he did not feel part of this country which just made him determine that he would be able to write and read. He watched movies to help him pronounce words probably and read article to help him with his writing. This develop his identity due to all his reading and watching movie he had a strong believe that he needed to build a career here in order to fee that he had earned it by staying here. In other words saying he earned being an American. Throughout years he did more and more writings and he soon wanted to start his career as a journalist.

Antonio faced many challenges one of them was he did not have a security number, he makes it clear that not only learning English was enough to validate is presence. Many government official were against having illegal aliens in their country. He had this one time when he was at the DMV he tried to get his Drivers License but he was told to not come back because his green card was fake. Another challenge was not being able to attend to college like his peers because he couldn’t apply to aid. His family could not afford a full tuition but soon after he searched for help and found a scholarship to fund him and this scholarship did not ask about his status. Even do his lack of documentation he figured out ways and had people to guide him he eventually was able to pursue the American dream well live the American dream

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  1. Rebekah Coleman

    Dear Jacqueline, You do a lovely job describing the piece and the struggles and challenges that Vargas faced. I like how you describe his motivation for learning English and how it also shaped his identity. Thanks!

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