Class Nine


Class Files

Today, we need to do a positioning recap as I noticed a lot of strangely floating elements on your sites. No worries, it takes a while for that to really make sense.

  • Floats
  • Positioning
    • Static
    • Relative
    • Absolute
    • Fixed

Processing a design into images and code

  • We will review how to translate a design into code.

Lab time

  • I will be meeting with each of you and working on major issues.


  • Next week, we will add the gallery to our sites. You need to have all your images prepped and ready, using your Photoshop files to help you cut the images in the right way.
  • We will be adding custom typography on the 18th.
  • You need to flesh out your sites further, the semester will wrap up quickly and your work needs to really come together. I will be checking your sites weekly to see how things are progressing.
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