Web Site Criteria

In order to meet the basic criteria for this course, your site needs:

  • A site published to your URL, working properly
  • At least 4 pages, linked to each other in a consistent, workable navigation.
  • All links are working properly.
  • All images are added correctly, not resized by code.
  • A working contact form (to be taught soon)
  • A working gallery, using this gallery code (to be taught soon). Just remember, your gallery pages will have a larger image with thumbnails that when clicked, change the larger image.
  • Design that was formulated through site-maps, wireframes, and research as well as through actual applied design.
    • Your site should look polished and professional, using styling well to create a lovely, usable experience for oyur visitors
  • Well-developed HTML and CSS, showing a mastery of the skills you need to proceed as a designer.

Extra Credit:

  • using custom fonts (to be taught soon)
  • adding more pages that are WELL INTEGRATED
  • fully HTML version of your resume


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