Class Ten


Today, we are going to start making big strides!

  • Today’s code and files (it’s a big download, so click the link ASAP)
  • Adding the galleries
    • Processing the fully designed file
    • Coding the images into your page
  • Pseudo class selectors
    • Link states
      • a:link
      • a:visited
      • a:active
      • a:hover
    • Position/Number-based pseudo class selectors
      • last-of-type
      • before
      • first-child
      • Here is a great article on the subject


I received one Photoshop sketch this week, and an incomplete one at that. I had no takers on my office hours, no emails for help. You all need to make lots of progress before the last week of the semester when the final projects are due. You need to be coding now, as I will not be able to help you if you try to build your site at the last minute. I will

  • For the love of Pete, do the sketches I told you to do weeks ago, or suffer the consequences of a poorly designed site. I will be giving the grades you work for: if you don’t do the work, there is no way you will make a decent grade in my class.
  • Add galleries to your sites.
  • Get your styling under control.
  • Email me with questions.
  • Set up appointments with me during my office hours.


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