Class Fourteen

Today is purely a work day, although I will point out a few things in class. I will be meeting with each of


You ever notice those little icons that appear on the tabs of your browser? Those are called favicons, and they are super simple to make if you use any of these online services.

Experiment with these and see which one does the best job for you. Then, simply drop the resulting favicon.ico file (do not rename it, it needs to be called favicon.ico) into your www folder, on the same level as your index.html file. Reload your browser a few times, refresh your server through Cyberduck and the icon will appear shortly.


Your site needs to be finished by class time next week. I will not accept any late work at all. I will be grading your sites on Monday evening, so if you do need to make a change based on the final critique, you will have until 8pm. NO EXCEPTIONS. I will be able to check the timestamp on the files that are published on your server to make sure.

Here are the criteria for the final site.

Final Class Plan:

  • Final Exam: 1 hour 
    • This will be very much like the quiz, 10 questions involving live code that I give you
    • Open book, as usual
  • Final Site Presentation: 1 hour (each person presents for 3 minutes tops, I will be timing)
    • Each person will come up, introduce themselves, tell the class a little bit about their sites, and click through them. Then we will give a quick critique.
  • Wrap-up (up to 30 mins)
    • I will end the class with a few tips for you in terms of how to proceed
    • If we need more time for anything, I will cut this section as the notes will be on the site.


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