Class Eleven

Holy cow, is the semester running down fast! You need to be coding and designing and getting this work done. Please review the Web Site Criteria to make sure you are doing all you need to do.


Today, we are going to add custom fonts! Here is the code for today.

  • First, let’s really explore what CSS can do with system fonts. Here is a great video–it’s a little long, but it’s really lovely nonetheless.
  • Remember, I have asked you repeatedly to only use custom fonts you find on Font Squirrel.


Once again, you need to make significant progress on your coded sites. I will NOT accept any late work at all. You will be graded on what you turn in on the last day of class at the beginning of class.

Next week, we will be adding our working contact forms. We will go over what that will add to your site. I expect you to develop a full-blown sketch of your contact form for next week. I will be checking.

Next week, we will have our second quiz. Be sure to review ids, classes, text formatting, the box model, links, images, and link styles.

Please make an appointment with me during my hours so you can get the help you need.

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