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Ryan Richards Critical Perspective III

According to Tschumi, architecture and performance is based upon space, and the movement within that space. Basically not only the space itself but what also happens with in that space. These two factors correlate as to what completes a design. To Tschumi, what completed a design was a combination between art, architecture, as well as other disciplines. He believed that there is no space without an event.

How I also interpreted this article was that potential doesn’t necessarily mean anything unless Connecticut or G is behind it. What this means is that a space is an empty space with nothing going on in it, however once action starts happening with in the space, this is when it’s considered a performance. To tschumi , what constitute architecture is the formula of space, event, and movement

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What is the relationship between architecture and performance for Tschumi?

According to Tschumi, there was a point in history where art and architecture –among other artistic disciplines— crossed over onto each other.  As Tschumi expresses his view, that cross over of artistic disciplines was about an expansion of architecture.  Where the live movement in a space was equally important as the space.  Hence, the performance within a space being an equal factor in the meaning of that space.

One of the ways Tschumi derived his point of view on the equal importance of performance within a space as the space, was from performance artists.  Tschumi says performing artists served as experimental examples that fed his architectural view when “transporting and translating” those artistic performances into architecture.

As Tschumi defines his approach to architecture, he compares it to Einstein’s approach to film from two of Einstein’s books, in which Einstein tries to connect different types of information within film, (in film’s case being image, soundtrack, movement, etc….)  Tschumi says, just like Einstein’s attempt at reconciliation of different types of information, he himself tries to do this within architecture.

In Tschumi’s view, architecture defines a space, as it activates it, space and movement simultaneous being what he calls the “event.”  A triunity that defines architecture; also mentioned as SEM (space, event, movement.)