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Upon leaving my front door, I open the latch to exit my porch.  I look across the street and wave to my neighbor John who is across the street who has just come home for his night shift.  His German Shepherd immediately runs across the street to say hello.   I run back inside of my house to get him a treat.  I finally leave my house (I live in a corner house)  and make a right onto bayview ave.  I walk towards smith street.  I pass a beige house with a brown stucco trim as well as a Sunoco Gas Station. I then proceeded to cross merrick road.  Standing at the corner, there is a nursing home to my right and a citGo gas Station with a fence surrounding it on my left.  I cross the street towards the nursing home and upon the entrance of the nursing home, there is a bus stop that reads N4 Express Jamaica, N4  Jamaica.  I get one the bus….during the ride, you will pass a catholic school on your right, followed by a cold stone cemetery on the left, which is located in rockville centre.  You will also pass by A MOVIE THEATER , hendrickson park, home depot, auto zone. many auto body repair shops.  You will get off at the last stop.  As you get off, you will be proceed to the train station.  Usually you will walk by the lady handing off free newspapers.  When you get to the corner, you will make a right.  Upon making the right, you will see a one legged beggar in front of the handrail.  Proceed downstairs.  You will see the metro-card booths and vending machines.  You will also see the Jehovah witnesses and the police officers.  You will go through the turnstile and the first escalator you see, Look above it, you will see a brown circle with a white J.  That’s the J train.  Use that escalator to get to the J train.  Get on at the second to last car.  Its right next to the 2nd stair well.  Take the J train to Broadway junction.  You will know its Broadway junction because most of the people get up to get off at this stop.  Walk up the steps and go towards the right.  You will pass by missionary workers, a man selling cold water, and a few birds.  Take the steps.  Good all the way down the steps.  One you hit the landing, you will turn right.  Good worn those steps and walk all the way down to the end of the station.  You will get on the first car, second door of the A train.  Usually, there is an odd smell of a homeless person mixed with the different scents of perfume and shampoo.  Most of the patrons will be asleep or engaged on their phone.  You will take the A train 4 stops to Jay Street Metro Tech.  As soon as you get off the train, take the steps.  Walk by the handrail because usually there will be people flying down the steps trying to catch the train you just got off of.  Go through the turn-style and take the exit on the right.  Walk up the steps and turn left.  You will pass NYU poly-tech and Starbucks, Will pass the scaffolding and cross the street.  Stand at the corned and wait to cross over Jay Street, be careful of the bikers, they will run you over.  Upon crossing the street, make a right.  The first door you meed will be city tech where you will see the security guards. YOU ARE NOW AT CITY TECH.