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Haley Treoline Reading Assingment 2

What I have gather from the two articles is that both articles have different view on performance. The article “The article “The Image of the City” by Kevin Lynch. Lynch mentioned that “environmental image are affected by a two-way process between the observer and the observed objects.” From what I have gather from this statement is that each individual will interpret image in they own way. He also stated that “beautiful and delightful city environment is an oddit.” My understanding of this is that these types of cities are remarkably unusual. Lynch believed that performance could be when individuals activity moving around. Lynch also believed that one perception of performance is not sustained but could be fragmentary and mixed with other concerns.

On the other hand the article “Performing Tourism Staging Tourism” by Tim Edensor, mentioned that tourism is a process that involves the ongoing reconstruction of practicing ideas and space in a shared contex. Unlike Lynch who believed that tourism or performance could be at anywhere at any time. It does not have to be practice ideas and taken place in a specific setting. Edensor stated that “tourism evolve from class, gender, ethnicity”, and I believed he is saying that tourism and performance is develop or achieve gradually over a period of time depending on one’s biological make up. Unlike Lynch who believe that performance take place naturally.



Richards Ryan Critical Perspective II

Lynch and Edensor  had similarities and differences. One major similarity these two have is that the emphasize the theme of identity. Both edensor and Lynch also mention structure, which is the relationship between the object and the observer .
The biggest difference I noticed in the two articles was lynches idea of building the image. Building the image is when the space is altered and affected, where as edensor mentions how there was an unplanned bricolage of structures and designs that provided for a contrasting aesthetic context, unlike Lynch is denser was stressing the beauty of untouched land and basically natural city geography. The overall theme I got from Lynch was focusing on the observer in the observed. Whereas Edensor focuses mainly on the art of tourism and how it’s a performance