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Name: Jingyu Zhan
Inventing Times Square
Page 120-132

  • Times Square has played a huge part in mixture of residential and commercial tenants.
  • Times Square has been closely related to entertainment business in this century.
  • The entertainment industry itself and the entrepreneurs made Times Square as the theater district.
  • When the legitimate theater moved into Times Square, numerous musicals and plays were produced annually to fulfill the growing demand.
  • The transformation of Times Square to an entertainment district was driven by the changes of public entertainment occurred in the century.
  • New York was known as the most significant theater district and the theaters contain advanced and various equipments.
  • The stock market Crash in 1929 decreased the entertainment of Times Square.
  • In the late Depression era, there were different kinds of entertainment provided by Times Square impresarios.
  • Times Square always attracted a huge range of spectators from all economic classes.
  • There were many different plans for the redevelopment of Times Square, which only provide renovation of theaters. The Urban Development Corporation requested bids from different organizations to embrace a broad range of live entertainment.