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My commute this morning was a peaceful one. Upon exiting my apartment building I took a left and proceeded towards avenue H. Once i have reached the intersection I have noticed that aside from a few vehicles, the streets were essentially empty, and quiet. I then took a right on avenue H and made my way to the Q train. A recognizable land mark on the way to the train is the Funeral Home on the way there, it is located on the corner of Coney Island Ave, and Ave H. That area tends to be busy with vehicles, as Coney Island is a busy street with many stores and other residential buildings.

On the Q train towards downtown/ Dekalb avenue, my experience was very peaceful, usually the train is very packed in the morning before 9 am, but today there were plenty of seats and a small amount of people. It was very quiet on the train ride aside from the sound of the train in motion. When I exited the train station on Dekalb there were many people but there were no issues to speak of that slowed me down in the slightest. Heading down Flatbush avenue there are a lot of massive skyscrapers under construction on the right hand side of the street during my commute. I then turned left into metro tech plaza and proceeded towards Jay Street. The amount of people, mainly students was now a very large amount as Jay street is very busy. The surrounding sounds consisted of laughter, vehicles, and just about any other typical City sound. I then made a right on Jay Street and noticed the usual Family Court across the street to my left, and across the street from that is City Tech.