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Ryan Richards Site Report II

img_6105img_6428img_6429img_6109This photo is of the David H Koch feeder. The Koch theater is for ballet, and it is a part of the Lincoln Center for performing arts. This is significant for modern dance, and other types of games. This theater is basically one of the prominent landmarks in New York City. Especially throughout the lens of an artist or architect. One of the reasons I feel the Koch theatre bears so much significance is because there are limited theaters and figures in NYC that are so prominent, original, genuine, and detailed down the the cracks in the floor integrated into the overall design of the theatre.

Pedestrians continuously walk through Lincoln Center to either view shows, performances, shop, and admire art. However these pedestrians are part of the overall show that the Lincoln Center conveys.

It is a center that has its own space so vehicle there traffic is minimum.

Age of the buildings. The Koch theater was built in 1964, and it was openĀ on April 23, 1964.

The city leases the Koch theater to the Lincoln Center, it is one of the few buildings in theĀ Lincoln CenterĀ that serves as a theater for performing arts, as well as an overall stage in itself.

The building/leader has 2586 seats, as well as orchestra level seats

Ryan Richards Critical Perspective III

According to Tschumi, architecture and performance is based upon space, and the movement within that space. Basically not only the space itself but what also happens with in that space. These two factors correlate as to what completes a design. To Tschumi, what completed a design was a combination between art, architecture, as well as other disciplines. He believed that there is no space without an event.

How I also interpreted this article was that potential doesn’t necessarily mean anything unless Connecticut or G is behind it. What this means is that a space is an empty space with nothing going on in it, however once action starts happening with in the space, this is when it’s considered a performance. To tschumi , what constitute architecture is the formula of space, event, and movement

In my direction map I numbered my steps. My morning consisted of me walking to the train at a slow pace because i was early today, my neighborhood had a vibrant theme filled with kids walking to the public school, dogs being walked on my block, and medium traffic. I was tired earlier this morning but the commute to school was smooth. The train came as soon as I got to the station, it wasnā€™t crowded, I took a seat and humbly waited until my stop where i swiftly got off. I then walked adamantly to school just 1 block, then I took the stairs to the 6th floor and came to class. ryan-richardsryan-richards

Richards Ryan Site Report

The block I chose was 42nd St. and seventh Avenue. I chose this block because I noticed there was a chain of diverse stores that were connected, Dave and busters, Applebeeā€™s, and Modells, all were the main/biggest stores on the block. I also noticed the width of the sidewalk, the width of the sidewalk played a major role of setting I stage for the performance in which I felt one of the themes was convenience.
The performance in this area of times square had a number of factors.

The height of the buildings, create a feeling of being surrounded and towered over. The performance itā€™s self I feel with the people walking up and down the blocks, and in and out of the stores. It was continuous motion on the stage of the wide block and tall buildings. Elsewhere this could potentially be considered typical actions of civilians, however on this specific block on 42nd and sixth Avenue itā€™s considered a performance because of the atmosphere and stage.

The exact block is 800 feet long, and 200 feet wide. One of the reasons the block was built so large is so that it could be very commercial and busy, there are multiple businesses on the block such as a Hilton hotel, and Applebeeā€™s, at Dave and busters, And A Modellā€™s sporting goods store all of the stores are there architecturally built connected for reason which I will further research.

The pavement was concrete, but smooth as opposed to the rugged concrete filled with rocks Etc. There were buildings on this block dating back to the 1950s.img_5949 img_5689img_5543