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Babson Rock with quote "Be On Time" chiseled on stone, Dogtown, Gloucester, MA

Babson Rock with quote “Be On Time”, located in Dogtown area of Gloucester, MA

This is a reminder that the midterm is on Thursday October 24th. Please arrive on time, we will begin the exam promptly. If you arrive late, I cannot stay late because there is another class after ours. As discussed during class, be aware that I will ask everyone to put their phones, smartwatches, and anything with access to photos and the internet in an envelope that each student will sign. You will keep the envelope under you until you turn in the exam when you will return the envelope and take back your phone. Any attempt to sidestep this no phone test policy will result in a forfeit of your midterm exam grade. This is an effort to discourage cheating during the exam. I believe 99% of students are honest and I want the exam is be as equitable as possible therefore please keep your phone in the envelope.

I have posted below a slide that notes the differences in characteristics between the Pictorialist movement and the Straight Photography movement, which we reviewed last week.

Table distinguishing characteristics between Pictorialism and Straight Photography movementIn addition, you can review how Alfred Stieglitz’s Photo Secession group worked to make photography recognized as a fine art by watching the first 39 minutes of the documentary “Alfred Stieglitz: The Eloquent Eye.”

For access to the short list of the midterm, exam format, and image, please read the earlier announcement about the midterm.

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